Thinking of selling?

Here are our top ten tips to get the most from your move.

1. Sort out your next move as far as you can.

Potential purchasers are often keen for a fast decision so being prepared to respond quickly to offers is important. With the ever changing mortgage market it’s more important now than ever to get your finances in place before putting your house on the market so you know exactly what’s needed to make your move happen. Speak to your bank as well as financial advisor (or good estate agent) to get a comparison of your options.

(At Aktons we offer a free two-part market appraisal which includes a full cost of moving analysis to ensure you are as prepared as you need to be, speak to us to see how we can help) 


2. Choose the right agent to help you move.

Selling a house can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. With a good agent you can ensure you minimise stress whilst maximising results. It’s worth spending the time researching local agents and aim to have 3 out to offer you a comparison, to get a real idea of what your local agents do don’t be afraid to call them to mystery shop their service to see if they offer what they say they do.


3. Accurate Valuation.

It’s important to market your property at the correct price, you may be swayed to go with an agent as they’ve agreed to market your property at a higher price however if you go to market at too high a price you’re unlikely to attract any viewers. Ask agents for comparable properties to ensure they have done their homework and are pricing accurately. A property attracts the most interest and activity is at its highest when it is newly marketed, properties don’t stay hot for long so don’t miss out on an early sale through marketing your property at an unrealistic price.


4. Look beyond the estate agents fee.

All costs are important to consider, but a good agent will maximise the value of your property. Going with the cheapest agent could be false economy, if they don’t have a good high street presence, market in the correct areas and have local, knowledgeable staff they may well undersell your property and that cheaper fee could end up costing you a lot more. Ask the questions to establish which agent really is best for you and ensure they can justify their fee.


5. First impressions count.

You only get one chance at that all important first impression, you want to ensure your potential buyer is walking up to your front door already impressed and excited to see more! So it’s worth spending some time tidying up the outside, ensure your front door is looking clean, bright and freshly painted if needed, also small touches like hanging baskets can be useful to add some colour and life. Finally ensure bins and anything else unsightly has been moved out of the way.


6. Clean, tidy and de-clutter.

Most buyers make a decision about a house within seconds of walking through the door. Cleanliness and tidiness have a huge impact and should never be underestimated, so clean each room from top to bottom! Your home is yours to live in but when it comes to selling it needs to be as de-cluttered as possible. Some personal touches are fine but a prospective buyer will want to imagine themselves living in your house, make this as easy as possible for them to do. So out go the shoes in the hallway and wonder walls of family photographs. If you’re unsure about any colour schemes or bold furniture speak to an agent for advice, but as a general rule neutral is never going to offend and is usually best. That tub of magnolia paint could be the best investment you ever make. 


7. Get it done.

Been meaning to get the faulty light switch fixed? Replace that lose tile or stop the leaking tap? Get it done! These small jobs may have been on your list to do for some time and are probably not causing you any major issue, however they will give your potential buyer the wrong impression so it’s best to get them resolved before the viewer’s start walking through the door. 


8. Make it a warm welcome.

Having the house warm and well lit for a viewing can make a huge difference on how someone feels about it. Ensure the property is smelling nice also, small touches like fresh flowers can be well worth the effort. If you have pets, you love them and that’s great, but not everyone will appreciate them, some people are allergic or frightened of them and they can be a huge distraction on a viewing so ensure they’re out and if there are any lingering pet aromas do your best to eradicate them.


9. Don’t get in the way.

A viewing with the vendor present is far from ideal, it can be awkward and doesn’t give the buyer the opportunity to walk around as freely as they’d like and ask as many questions as they otherwise might. This is where the agent can really earn their fee, allow them to use this time to build a relationship with the viewer and gauge the viewer’s interest.  


10. Almost there.

Once you have that all important offer you’re almost done, but the job isn’t quite finished. On receiving an offer you’ll need to consider a few factors such as the buyers position i.e. are they a first time buyer with a mortgage approved? Or a cash investor ready to go? Or someone with a house to sell in a lengthy chain? All these aspects will need to be taken into account to determine if the situation is right for you as well as just the numbers. Talk to your agent and financial advisor to ensure the decision is the right one for you.

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