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Things to do Before you Move

Date Posted: 15 March 2018


Moving day can be stressful for even the best of planners, but there are lots of things that you can get sorted in the weeks prior. We think this list should help you get on top of some of the important things before you move!

1. Post

You will need to change your address with companies that send you important mail, and any subscriptions services you use. you can get your mail forwarded via the post office but It will cost a fee.

2. Internet

We all know it is pretty difficult to live without the internet nowadays, and it can take two weeks or longer for an installation date. Two weeks without internet can feel like an eternity without Netflix, but if you sign up to a provided earlier you may even be able to get it installed before you move in.

3. Gas, Electricity and Water

Make sure you have paid up till your lasts day at your current property. It's worth checking around for the best rates and providers in your new area. It can be easier just to continue using the previous provider, but you could save a decent amount by changing providers.

4. Council tax

You need to pay any final payments for your previous house and set up council tax for your new property as you need to pay from your move in date.

5. Doctor and Dentist

It's good to research and read reviews to help you find the doctors and dentist you want to sign up with, many of the best practices will have a waitlist's so it's best done sooner than later as you never know when you might need it.

6. Insurance

Make sure you have building and contents insurance before you move in, be aware if you are a buyer you will need to set up building insurance from the exchange, not the completion of the sale.

7. Driving licence and car insurance

You need to change your address with your insurance provider and also update your driving licence, this is really important as it can affect you if you try and claim.

8. Bank

You must tell your bank about your change of address so they can send all correspondence and statements to the right address and that your billing address is correct.

9. TV Licence

This is quite simple you can just register your new address, but If you are moving in with someone you may need to cancel one, as you only need one per household.

10. Voting

You will need to sign up your new address on the electoral roll, so you can vote in local and national elections.