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Be Bold - A Guide to Being Brave with Colour

Date Posted: 11 July 2018

Colour can be a bit of a wildcard and can be hard to commit to, but here is a guide to finding a bold colour you will fall in love with.


The cheapest way to transform a room is with paint; you can pack a punch for the cost of a couple of tins. What’s the worst that could happen? You hate it and decide to paint over it. It’ll still be cheaper than buying a sofa or wallpapering. Just go for it, it's only paint!


Choosing a colour, let alone the tone of that colour, can be overwhelming. There’s not just blue; there’s sky blue, baby blue, navy…the list goes on. The best question to ask yourself, is how do I want this room to feel? If you want a warm, cosy living room, look at colours with yellow and red tints in them like teal. For a starker, more dramatic look, opt for a bright cobalt blue or a cool navy.”


Opt for recessive colours if you want to make a small space feel bigger — think blues, greens, lilacs and greys, which trick the eye. You can also go dark, which gives small rooms more depth. If you’re worried about the room feeling claustrophobic, stick to cool greys and navy. Then use lots of good lighting to brighten things up.


Before stocking up on paint, compile a mood board. Sophie recommends Pinterest, but don’t plan everything online. Call in some colour cards because they can look completely different on the Internet. Remember that colours form relationships with other colours, so it’s important to print off pictures of your rug, sofa and so on, put them all on one sheet of paper with the colour cards and make sure they sit nicely together — that's where the skill is.